Launching i3, a pan-African approach to supporting digitized distribution

While excitement about the potential for African innovators to help digitize health product distribution has grown significantly, mechanisms that enable donors, industry and African institutions to effectively support innovators’ growth and impact are still lacking.

Thus, we’re pleased to launch, with our esteemed partners, Investing in Innovation (i3), a pan-African approach to supporting 60 health tech companies innovating in supply chain over the next 2 years.

i3 offers early- and growth-stage companies

  1. a small grant
  2. tailored investment readiness support, and
  3. access to markets through introductions to potential customers (donors, donor-funded agencies, industry, governments) and investors.


We’re launching with a leading set of sponsors: the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, MSD, AmerisourceBergen, WHO-AFRO and AUDA-NEPAD. For more on the problems they’re hoping to solve in partnership with innovators, and the i3 program, see below:



Applications for the first cohort of i3 companies are open now, and close in mid August.

Join us!



  • Mara Hansen StaplesSalient Advisory
  • Seun AfuyeSalient Advisory
  • Malyse UwaseSalient Advisory
  • Samantha HorrocksSalient Advisory


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