Pioneering Partnerships

No one single organization, actor or sector can tackle global health challenges alone. Partnerships inciting measurable and strategic collaboration are key to driving meaningful change.

companies surfaced globally for potential partnership with a large INGO


of our work entails the development of novel partnerships

The context of global health is changing; traditional partnerships are no longer sufficient.

Collaboration between a more diverse set of actors will facilitate the pooling of resources, expertise, and specialized services to meet the changing needs of vulnerable populations. However, the ability of partnerships to drive change is dependent on genuine collaboration – that is, a shared vision of success and willingness of all parties to move beyond contractual agreements, share risk, circumvent competition, and be held accountable to measurable outcomes.
New partners include logistics companies, fast-moving consumer goods businesses, software giants, mobile network operators and more. Still, there are some who are sometimes left out, like the informal sector, local businesses and communities themselves, which could all play a larger role in partnerships in the future.

Fresh partnerships - with new local actors - are necessary to achieve mutually beneficial and sustainable change.

Salient seeks to form strong, sustainable partnerships grounded in insights and a shared mission achievable only through a unique mix of actors and skills. By facilitating collaboration and alliances between investors, local innovators, donors, impact investors, and groups with multi-sectoral experience, we work to leverage partners with similar goals and complementary expertise. We strive to establish objectives, facilitate connections, harmonize expectations, and define outcome metrics around the challenge we are seeking to solve. We pride ourselves on looking beyond traditional partnership models and thinking creatively to determine the best mix of actors in order to make a partnership successful.


Featured Projects

From INGO to social business: an opportunity of partnership

Designing a commercial business unit at a major INGO to scale commercially viable solutions in primary care in collaboration with innovators and social enterprises

Grant financing for high-potential social businesses

Supporting Grand Challenges Canada to evolve support mechanisms for high-potential social businesses

From Nairobi to Nebraska: international partnership for technology transfer

Helping facilitate the launch of a Kenyan-based technology platform in rural Nebraska, to expand access to sexual & reproductive health care in partnership with the Sherwood Foundation, CIFF, and more

Scoping new partners: start-ups

Scoping potential partners with small scale innovators for DKT in two countries