Sexual & Reproductive Health

Worldwide 44% of pregnancies are unintended, suggesting health systems are not fit to serve women’s needs. How can new models to deliver information, products, services and financing remake adolescent girls and women’s health care?

of women in LMICs own a mobile phone


of health care professionals in China use digital health tech or mobile apps

Health systems aren’t built for girls and women. It’s time for change.

New models for care can help girls and women become more informed about their choices, attain private and respectful care, get more reliable access to high-quality products, receive direct financial support for services and more. Often these models require re-thinking how and where health services are delivered. From payment mechanisms to pharmacy services, we believe there is vast potential. However, it’s challenging to understand which models have the potential to change access to care at scale.

New approaches to women’s health care require careful thinking. We analyse to inform action.

We help INGOs, donors and start-ups build new models of care for women. To construct strong plans-of-action we complete bespoke estimates of market sizes, assess policy environments, conduct financial modeling, assemble insights from analogous industries, review historical experiences, conduct literature reviews, model potential impacts, assemble unusual partnerships and more.


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