Next-Gen Product Distribution

Local technologists are transforming health product distribution in emerging economies, but global changemakers struggle to understand how to engage and support them.

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Local start-ups promise to change the trajectory of health product distribution but understanding the strengths of these innovations is challenging.

Innovators in low- and middle-income countries are increasingly leveraging digital product marketplaces, pay-as-you-go financing, vendor-managed inventory services, direct-to-consumer e-pharmacies, distributed mechanisms for quality assurance and more. These services seek to improve the affordability, availability, quality and access to essential health products through commercially sustainable models. However, global stakeholders such as donors, pharma, impact investors, think tanks and INGOs lack a clear understanding of the landscape and how to engage, limiting potential public health impact. 

Market intelligence enables informed engagement, helping accelerate public health goals.

We actively track locally-driven innovations in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond to analyze trends and relevance to public health programs. We produce market intelligence reports and explore mechanisms to drive investment, interest and engagement from the global community and bolster local entrepreneurship. Recent work has looked at ways in which innovators working at the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis are leveraging tech-enabled solutions to reduce market fragmentation, ease clinical burden on public facilities, and keep consumers informed as the situation rapidly unfolds.


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