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  • Access Afya

    AccessAfya operates a network of asset light clinics and pharmacies in low-income areas in Kenya, and a mDaktari virtual care platform. The mDaktari platform enables users to access telemedicine servi...Geographies: KenyaVIEW PROFILE
  • AddPharma

    AddPharma runs a distributor, retail, and online pharmacy businesses. Its retail arm is made up of nine physical outlets and one of the largest online platforms in Ghana. Through the online platform, ...Geographies: Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia, TogoVIEW PROFILE
  • Afia Pharma

    Afia Pharma is a certified pharmaceutical e-commerce platform that delivers medicines to patients' homes quickly, securely, and at lower cost. Users can also ask qualified pharmacists questions and pl...Geographies: RwandaVIEW PROFILE
  • Afro Health Connect

    Afro Health Connect is a web-based digital healthcare platform that enables users to access various services, including telemedicine consultations, home care, diagnostics bookings, and medication deli...Geographies: UgandaVIEW PROFILE
  • ApiAfrique

    ApiAfrique manufactures innovative female hygiene and baby care products that are high quality, locally made, and reusable. The company also runs Weerwi, a menstrual awareness program, and just releas...Geographies: SenegalVIEW PROFILE
  • Apothecary

    Apothecary is a retail pharmacy that offers pharmaceutical products and services through two physical outlets and an online platform. The company supports client needs through personal health consulta...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Applinic

    Applinic is a telehealth platform that connects patients to health services and providers, including physicians, pharmacies, and diagnostic centers. It offers teleconsultation and laboratory, radiolog...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Apteka Pharmasoft

    Apteka Pharmasoft offers a data-driven vertically integrated software platform for the healthcare value chain in Africa. Apteka’s Pharmacy Portal is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for inven...Geographies: UgandaVIEW PROFILE
  • Aviro

    Aviro is an HIV-focused digital health company that uses technology and behavioral science to produce, improve, and scale patient support. Aviro’s pocket clinic is used to optimise patient on-b...Geographies: Kenya, South AfricaVIEW PROFILE
  • Babyl

    Babyl is a global telemedicine company with operations in the UK, Canada, US, Rwanda, Indonesia and Singapore. In Rwanda, Babyl uses voice calls to provide telemedicine services by connecting patients...Geographies: Canada, Indonesia, Rwanda, Singapore, United Kingdom, United StatesVIEW PROFILE
  • Biowin

    Biowin is a platform that supports health workers and patients access to medicines and lab services. The organization makes an online medical file available to prescribers which can be accessed from a...Geographies: MaliVIEW PROFILE
  • Bisa Health Limited

    Bisa provides the public access to medical advice and healthcare information using the mobile phone....Geographies: GhanaVIEW PROFILE
  • Byon8

    Byon8 is a telemedicine platform that offers an online symptom checker for self-assessment/prevention and online doctor consultations. The platform can keep track of users' health information, lab rep...Geographies: KenyaVIEW PROFILE
  • Chekkit

    Chekkit provides manufacturers in pharmaceutical and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) with sticker labels and software packages that enable them to track products while also allowing their customers...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • ClickMedix

    Click Medix is an all-in-one digital platform for telehealth and health management, used by health organizations in 25 countries to grow their reach. The platform includes modules for patient screenin...Geographies: Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, UgandaVIEW PROFILE
  • Copia

    Copia is a B2C platform that seeks to simplify e-commerce for 750 million middle to low-Income customers in rural and peri-urban dense areas. The platform lists a variety of product categories includi...Geographies: Kenya, UgandaVIEW PROFILE
  • Daktari Africa

    Daktari Africa is a patient-centered telemedicine platform that connects people (in rural and urban areas) to doctors and other healthcare providers through online video consultations. Patients are al...Geographies: KenyaVIEW PROFILE
  • DawaPay

    DawaPay is an app-based marketplace that enables pharmacies to access and purchase inventory from licensed wholesalers. It actively negotiates with manufacturers that supply its wholesale partners to ...Geographies: KenyaVIEW PROFILE
  • Delivery Pharmacy

    Delivery Pharmacy is a single-outlet retail pharmacy with an e-commerce platform that lists health (OTC and prescription), beauty, and personal care products. Delivery Pharmacy can deliver across Keny...Geographies: KenyaVIEW PROFILE
  • DiaspoCare

    DiaspoCare’s mobile app connects African immigrants abroad with their families and providers in their home country by enabling seamless care coordination and real-time payments. This is achieved via...Geographies: Ghana, Kenya, NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • DKT Nigeria

    DKT Nigeria is leveraging technology to facilitate product distribution to providers and consumers through two digital services: DKT E-Shop and Honey & Banana Connect. DKT E-Shop is a B2B dig...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Doctoora

    Doctoora is a digital healthcare marketplace that connects patients with healthcare providers and services through a network of partner hospitals, doctors, and specialists for teleconsultations and ho...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Dokitari

    Dokitari is a telemedicine platform that enables patients to connect with doctors and receive consultations and access and manage health records. Users are able to search for a doctor based on thei...Geographies: UgandaVIEW PROFILE
  • DRO Health

    DRO Health is a digital healthcare player providing telemedicine services directly to consumers by offering remote consultations with qualified physicians, providing referrals for diagnostics tests wh...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • DrugNet

    DrugNet, a retail subsidiary arm of Samospharma, facilitates drug fulfillment for individual clients, providers and payers. The platform enables customers to buy medications for delivery, access consu...Geographies: GhanaVIEW PROFILE
  • DrugStoc

    DrugStoc works as a procurement partner for health providers, offering marketplace and fulfillment services to pharmacies, hospitals, and accredited drugstores. In addition to its marketplace services...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Drugstore

    Drugstore is an online marketplace that bridges drug supply gaps for customers by partnering with several brick-and-mortar pharmacies. These partnerships allow Drugstore to fulfill customers’ orders...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • EHA Clinics

    EHA Clinics is a chain of primary care clinics focused on ensuring healthcare access at affordable costs to patients in local communities across Nigeria. As part of its operations, EHA Clinics distrib...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • eHealth Africa

    eHealth Africa facilitates improved access to medicines and health products by optimizing the distribution through LoMIS, a stock management tool for public sector actors. LoMIS is leveraged by govern...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Famasi

    Famasi Africa is a medication-management-as-a-service start-up that services patients with recurring medication needs. The startup obtains medicines from its network of suppliers and wholesalers and s...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Frank Health Center

    Frank Health Center operates a digital health platform that allows users to access health products and services through underlying partnerships with pharmacies and health providers. In addition to bei...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Gerocare

    Gerocare provides access to healthcare for underserved population segments through home care visits for elderly patients and through a telemedicine service called MEDRA Telehealth for residents in rur...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Gleeworld

    Gleeworld Pharmacy is a single-outlet retail pharmacy with online operations that allow it to cater to patients’ medication needs and to providers such as pharmacies, hospitals, and health maintenan...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Glovo

    Glovo is a lifestyle city mobile app that specializes in on-demand delivery service (quick commerce) via partnerships with businesses across various verticals (food, retail, and healthcare services). ...Geographies: GlobalVIEW PROFILE
  • Goodlife Pharmacy

    Goodlife Pharmacy is a network of 79 retail pharmacies in Kenya and Uganda through pharmacies and shops located in gas stations. Beyond product sales, Goodlife Pharmacy offers vaccinations and lab tes...Geographies: Kenya, UgandaVIEW PROFILE
  • GoPharm

    GoPharm provides clients with medication delivery and teleconsultation services. Clients can log in to GoPharm’s digital platform (website) to chat with pharmacists and doctors who provide prescript...Geographies: GhanaVIEW PROFILE
  • Grace Health

    Grace Health is a digital women’s health assistant accessible via an Android app. The app is optimized to operate in low-data environments and is designed specifically for women in emerging markets ...Geographies: Ghana, Kenya, NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Health Online

    Health Online, formerly ePharmacy, is an online platform where patients can buy medicines and wellness products. Products are sourced from 15 partner pharmacies located in Greater Accra and delivered ...Geographies: GhanaVIEW PROFILE
  • Health-E-Net

    Health-E-Net's PaperEMR is a unique paper-to-digital approach to capture digital data directly from paper. The user-friendly, accessible technology is used, among others, by community health workers t...Geographies: KenyaVIEW PROFILE
  • HealthKer

    HealthKer is a multi-channel telemedicine platform that enables patients to engage with providers, laboratories, and pharmacies from the comfort of their homes. Patients request medicines, teleconsult...Geographies: GhanaVIEW PROFILE
  • HealthPlus

    HealthPlus is an established pharmacy chain with 62 locations across Nigeria. The company has recently launched an integrated digital platform offering online pharmacy, telemedicine, and diagnostics s...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Healthy Entrepreneurs

    Healthy Entrepreneurs engages existing rural community health workers in a sustainable business by providing them access to low-cost, high-quality branded generics and other health commodities. The bu...Geographies: Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, UgandaVIEW PROFILE
  • Hewale

    Hewale Social Health is a telemedicine platform for hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, and doctors to provide healthcare services to patients who can access services through the mobile app or web pl...Geographies: GhanaVIEW PROFILE
  • HubCare Health

    HubCare Health is a digital healthcare platform that enables patients to access virtual consultations with doctors, purchase medications, and schedule lab tests and vaccinations. HubCare's online plat...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Hudibia

    Hudibia is a digital healthcare platform that enables access to healthcare, health information, and medicines for end users. Its offerings include a telemedicine service that connects doctors to patie...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • inSupply Health

    inSupply Health is a health advisory firm that offers technical assistance in key supply chain areas of data visibility, analytics and use, health commodity demand and supply planning, market shaping,...Geographies: Kenya, TanzaniaVIEW PROFILE
  • Jacaranda

    Jacaranda strives to be a global innovation laboratory for women’s maternity care by operating a peri-urban maternity center and support services, including but not limited to, an artificial intelli...Geographies: KenyaVIEW PROFILE
  • Jumia

    Pharmacy retailers that predominantly operate offline can list their products on Jumia Marketplace to create an online sales channel and leverage Jumia’s e-commerce operations. Online pharmacy retai...Geographies: Algeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tunisia, UgandaVIEW PROFILE
  • Kasha

    Kasha is a mass market digital retail platform for women’s health and self-care products, information, and services. It is accessible on a basic mobile phone in urban and rural areas. It also has ex...Geographies: Kenya, RwandaVIEW PROFILE
  • Konga Health

    Konga Health is a health-focused subsidiary of e-commerce giant Konga, leveraging its parent company’s logistics infrastructure, technology, and payment systems to facilitate distribution of medicat...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Lifestores Healthcare

    Lifestores is building the digital infrastructure for a healthcare system that democratizes access to medical services and medications. Its marketplace enables pharmacies and hospitals to pool their p...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Magaani App

    Magaani App enables access to medication for hospitalized patients and users who require medicines for treatment but are unable to physically patronize pharmacies to shop for these medicines. In addit...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Maisha Meds

    Maisha Meds builds highly scalable technology systems for small, rural pharmacies and drug stores to manage sales and inventory, source quality medication, and facilitate digital reimbursement for hea...Geographies: Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Myanmar, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, ZambiaVIEW PROFILE
  • MaiSoin

    MaiSoin connects patients to a network of qualified health professionals who provide home-based visits or online medical consultations. Patients can choose from general care or targeted programs for o...Geographies: Côte d'IvoireVIEW PROFILE
  • Medbay

    Medbay is a traditional wholesaler and distributor that operates a B2B marketplace platform to enable direct ordering and delivery of inventories to pharmacies. Medbay’s platform incorporates a cons...Geographies: GhanaVIEW PROFILE
  • MedCart

    MedCart is an asset-light, app-based platform that enables customers to place orders for OTC pharmaceutical products with a focus on contraceptives and sexual and reproductive health. Products are sou...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Medikea

    Medikea offers a multi-service platform that enables users to book appointments with doctors, order pharmaceutical products, receive telemedicine services, and laboratory results and referrals. Teleme...Geographies: Tanzania, UgandaVIEW PROFILE
  • Medikwick

    Medikwick is a web and app based platform that helps patients find and locate medical services such as medical doctors, hospitals/clinics, medical diagnostic centers and ambulance services. Users can ...Geographies: UgandaVIEW PROFILE
  • Meditect

    Meditect is a digital health platform, which digitizes actors of the medicine supply chain in sub-Saharan Africa (patients, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies). The company's first product is a t...Geographies: Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, SenegalVIEW PROFILE
  • Medixab

    Medixab is an e-commerce marketplace that allows vendors of pharmaceutical products (medicines and equipment) to list their inventory, targeting end users (for medicines) and providers (for equipment)...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • MedPharma

    MedPharma’s operations are categorized into healthcare solutions for users (private healthcare insurance and telemedicine), logistics services (delivery of medications to the final consumer) and ent...Geographies: GhanaVIEW PROFILE
  • MedPlus

    MedPlus is a retail pharmacy chain with 77 outlets across 15 cities in Nigeria and a budding online pharmacy operation. In addition to its retail outlets, MedPlus has a wholesale business arm through ...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • MedRx

    MedRx is a digital platform that connects importers and wholesalers with retail pharmacies and patients with retail pharmacies. It offers a direct-to-pharmacy and direct-to-customer model where (1) a ...Geographies: GhanaVIEW PROFILE
  • Medsaf

    Medsaf is an end to end pharmaceutical supply chain optimization platform. Medsaf automates and finances the movement of medications with a suite of technological products and the core focus is on sup...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • MedSource

    MedSource Group aggregates purchases from vetted members (e.g., pharmacies, hospitals, clinics) and directs them to a select group of manufacturers and distributors. This pooled procurement process pa...Geographies: KenyaVIEW PROFILE
  • MobiHealth

    MobiHealth connects patients to doctors and healthcare services, including medication delivery, through its online telemedicine service platform. MobiHealth’s telemedicine services give users remo...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • mPedigree

    mPedigree offers smart labels for product (medicine) authentication, as part of an enterprise drug and product full supply chain visibility platform from point of manufacture to point of retail/dispen...Geographies: Côte d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Ghana, India, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, ZambiaVIEW PROFILE
  • mPharma

    mPharma enables access to health products through a vast pharmacy operation across eight countries offering services to both providers and consumers.
    For providers, it offers inventory managemen...
    Geographies: Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Zambia, ZimbabweVIEW PROFILE
  • MyBig Pharmacy

    MyBig Pharmacy is a wholesale-focused distributor of pharmaceutical products with operations running through a single-outlet location as well as an online e-commerce platform. While positioned as a B2...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE

    MYDAWA is an e-pharmacy that offers quality controls along the entire supply chain, from the manufacturer to the consumer, paired with a highly controlled quality of dispensing advice, and price reduc...Geographies: KenyaVIEW PROFILE
  • myMedicines

    myMedicines is an e-pharmacy operator that leverages an online-offline network of pharmacies to arrange for D2C distribution of medications nationwide. myMedicines also facilitates distribution for pr...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • myPaddi

    myPaddi offers users online access to accurate and youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information and products. Through an online app, users can access medical information for their S...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Nello

    Nello is a telemedicine platform that connects consumers to doctors via remote consultations while providing access to medication through its online store. Nello’s online store for medication is pow...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Nett Pharmacy

    Nett Pharmacy is a chain pharmacy operator with 20 retail outlets across Nigeria. In response to the growing adoption of digital services, Nett Pharmacy launched the online component of its business i...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Nivi

    Nivi is a digital health company that empowers individuals with trusted, actionable and targeted information to help users achieve their own goals along their health journey. Powered by behavioral sci...Geographies: India, Kenya, Nigeria, South AfricaVIEW PROFILE
  • Njureel

    Njureel enables patients to book medical consultations with qualified professionals online or through a smartphone application. Through Njureel, users can remotely book consultations, speak to doctors...Geographies: SenegalVIEW PROFILE
  • OBM Pharmacy

    OBM Pharmacy, a subsidiary of New Crystal Health, operates a wholesale business and retail pharmacy consisting of two pharmacies. OBM Pharmacy's online platform offers customers OTC products and alter...Geographies: GhanaVIEW PROFILE
  • OneHealth

    OneHealth is an online pharmacy and healthcare platform. The business operates an offline retail outlet and an online e-pharmacy that provides last-mile logistics for its customers. OneHealth also off...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE

    OPISMS is an online platform that tracks vaccination records and provides reminders for upcoming vaccinations. The electronic vaccination record makes it easier for parents and health workers to verif...Geographies: Côte d'IvoireVIEW PROFILE
  • Oxycline Pharmacy

    Oxycline Pharmacy is a single-outlet pharmacy with supplementary online pharmacy operations. It also provides users with telemedicine services, that allow them to consult with pharmacists who can shar...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Penda Health

    Penda health operates 22 medical clinics that offer comprehensive outpatient services including consultations and lab and pharmacy services. In addition, the organization offers digital health service...Geographies: KenyaVIEW PROFILE
  • Pharmarun

    Pharmarun is an on-demand platform providing fast and easy access to medication by finding, financing and delivering the medication to users....Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • PharmaSecure

    In Nigeria, PharmaSecure offers product authentication software to drug makers, thus allowing users to verify the authenticity of drug purchases. Globally, PharmaSecure operates as a supply chain seri...Geographies: India, Nigeria, Pakistan, SudanVIEW PROFILE
  • PharmaServ

    PharmaServ is a digital procurement partner for pharmacies and hospitals. Through its platform, providers can access suppliers’ inventory listings, place orders for their preferred products, and hav...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • PharmilyKe

    PharmilyKe is a D2C online e-commerce platform for beauty, health, and wellness products. It works with partner pharmacies to fulfill and deliver pharmaceutical products with a focus on OTC products. ...Geographies: KenyaVIEW PROFILE
  • PharmPlug

    PharmPlug is a consumer-facing digital marketplace for medicines. The company acts as a pharmacy aggregator, allowing other pharmacies and retailers across Nigeria to list products for sale on the pla...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • PharmXpress

    PharmXpress eases access to medication for customers by allowing them to purchase medicines online. As part of its service offerings, PharmXpress also offers free consultations by connecting customers...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Ponea Health

    Ponea Health is a one-stop digital healthcare platform that offers solutions for various providers (e.g., laboratories, pharmacies, clinics) to serve end users. Services offered on the platform includ...Geographies: KenyaVIEW PROFILE
  • Primacare Pharmacy

    Primacare Pharmacy is an operator with a physical location and epharmacy operations. The pharmacy began strictly as a community pharmacy with a single outlet in Rivers State, Nigeria, but has since ad...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Remedial Health

    Remedial Health is a drug distribution company with an inventory software system that can be used by pharmacies and clinics for inventory and stock management, employee management, and patient informa...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Rocket Health Africa

    Rocket Health is an integrated digital healthcare platform that offers a suite of services to users, including telemedicine consultations, D2C last-mile delivery of pharmaceutical products, laboratory...Geographies: UgandaVIEW PROFILE
  • RxAll

    RxAll delivers batch quality-certified drugs to hospitals, pharmacies, and patients using their digital ordering platform. The company offers four main services: an on-demand delivery service (RxDeliv...Geographies: Kenya, Nigeria, United StatesVIEW PROFILE
  • Safari

    Safari is a digital application to allow patients to find out about the availability of drugs in pharmacies using an instant message system to connect patients to pharmacies and dispensaries. Delivery...Geographies: BeninVIEW PROFILE
  • SASAdoctor

    SASAdoctor is a telemedicine provider that operates a hybrid model of physical and virtual clinics, pharmacies, and labs. Physical operations are provided through three clinics, two pharmacies, and tw...Geographies: KenyaVIEW PROFILE
  • Shelf Life

    Shelf Life allows community pharmacies and drug stores to subscribe to full-service vendor inventory management services for up to 1,500 products in each market. For each subscription, Shelf Life cond...Geographies: Kenya, NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Sproxil

    Sproxil offers several B2B services to the food and beverage, agrichemical, automotive, and pharmaceutical sectors, including smart labels for serialization, which can be paired with track and trace s...Geographies: India, Kenya, Nigeria, United StatesVIEW PROFILE
  • Tanél Health

    Tanél Health has developed an easy to use, affordable, and reliable software which runs pharmacies. The software allows pharmacy owners to optimize inventory management, track sales and more. Tanél ...Geographies: SenegalVIEW PROFILE
  • Triggerise

    Triggerise harnesses a technology enabled platform and consumer behavioral insights to motivate girls and women to adopt healthy behaviors, by connecting them to locally available products and service...Geographies: Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, South Africa, UgandaVIEW PROFILE
  • Uthabiti

    Uthabiti retail shops have a SMS platform that enables consumers to verify the authenticity of any drug purchased from an Uthabiti shop. They also conduct awareness activities in communities of operat...Geographies: KenyaVIEW PROFILE
  • Vanguard Pharmacy

    Vanguard Pharmacy is a retail pharmacy chain with emerging online pharmacy operations. The company operates seven outlets in Nigeria’s southwest region but is also growing its online operations thro...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Vanix

    Vanix is a B2B digital marketplace that connects pharmacies and hospitals to inventory and drug supplies from importers and manufacturers for wholesale purchases. Vanix has partnered with importers an...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Vezeeta

    Veezeta is an ecosystem that empowers patients across all aspects of their healthcare journey starting with doctors' consultations. Patients can book physical appointments at clinics, receive telecons...Geographies: Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Nigeria, Saudi ArabiaVIEW PROFILE
  • VIA Global Health

    VIA Global Health is a B2B e-commerce platform that connects manufacturers with distributors in underserved markets with a focus on medical devices, equipment, diagnostics materials, and pharmaceutica...Geographies: GlobalVIEW PROFILE
  • Viamo

    Viamo helps donors, development agencies, NGOs, and global initiatives such as PEPFAR scale their impact by developing mobile technology products for feature phones in order to reach the majority of ...Geographies: Global, Kenya, UgandaVIEW PROFILE
  • Victory Drugs

    Victory Drugs is a retail pharmacy operating through two physical outlets and increasingly leveraging digital channels to optimize distribution. Its digital channels consist of an online store where p...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • VigorGh

    VigorGh runs a logistics-focused company and enables hospitals and pharmacies to offer telehealth, at-home lab testing, and delivery of health and beauty products....Geographies: GhanaVIEW PROFILE
  • WellaHealth

    WellaHealth offers telemedicine services to deliver care to patients remotely. It aggregates demand through its micro-insurance plans offered in partnership with AXA HMO while delivering health produc...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • WelTel

    Weltel is a highly evidenced digitally-enabled patient support platform that is used in Africa (Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda), Europe (UK), North America (Canada, USA) and more. Patients enroll through their...Geographies: Canada, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda, United Kingdom, United StatesVIEW PROFILE
  • Whispa Health

    Whispa Health offers sexual and reproductive health-related information, products and services via a mobile app. Its operations offer young people a shield of confidentiality to counter negative cultu...Geographies: NigeriaVIEW PROFILE
  • Xetova

    Xetova offers AI data and business analytics capabilities to clients across multiple sectors and access to financing. It provides ministries of health and national drug purchasing agencies with real-t...Geographies: KenyaVIEW PROFILE
  • Zuri Health

    Zuri Health is an offline and online telemedicine platform that offers teleconsultations, appointment booking, at- home lab and diagnostic services (including COVID-19 testing), and a service to locat...Geographies: Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, ZambiaVIEW PROFILE

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