Last updated: 29 January, 2024
Company Overview
Geographies Global
Core Service Areas Digital/ Product Distribution
Founder(s) Oscar Pierre Miquel, & Sacha Michaud
Founded 2015
Core Offerings
Glovo is a lifestyle city mobile app that specializes in on-demand delivery service (quick commerce) via partnerships with businesses across various verticals (food, retail, and healthcare services). Glovo generates orders for its partners’ businesses, by featuring their products on its app and executing fulfillment when product orders are placed.
Glovo replicates this model for its health-focused business, by partnering with pharmacies to list their products on the app and carry out delivery and fulfillment when orders for medicines are placed. Currently, Glovo’s scope of operations with pharmacies is limited to OTC, beauty products, and supplements. Glovo’s app is primed for proximity since it typically directs orders to pharmacies within a four-kilometer radius of a customer’s location.
Funding & Key Investors
Not disclosed

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