Last updated: 7 May, 2021
  • Mixed Gender Founders
  • Woman-Led
Company Overview
Geographies Kenya
Core Service Areas Digital/ Product Distribution, Telemedicine-paired D2C Distribution
Founder(s) Dr. Pratap Kumar, Dr. Meghan Kumar
Founded 2012
Core Offerings
Health-E-Net's PaperEMR is a unique paper-to-digital approach to capture digital data directly from paper. The user-friendly, accessible technology is used, among others, by community health workers to digitize health information collected on paper and share data on health commodities distributed, stock balances, and restocking numbers with their supervisors. That makes the process of reporting easier, faster, and enables an efficient procurement process. Data captured on paper can also be used to provide remote services like telehealth consultations in conjunction with Health-E-Net’s Gabriel telemedicine platform. The platform, which can be used offline and online, enables patients to access consultations and receive medications from listed suppliers.
Funding & Key Investors
Grand Challenges Canada, FCDO, Italian Agency for Development, Cariplo Foundation, BMGF, GE, Boehringer Ingelheim

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