Healthy Entrepreneurs
Last updated: 7 May, 2021
Company Overview
Geographies Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda
Core Service Areas Digital/ Product Distribution, Telemedicine-paired D2C Distribution
Founder(s) Joost van Engen
Founded 2012
Core Offerings
Healthy Entrepreneurs engages existing rural community health workers in a sustainable business by providing them access to low-cost, high-quality branded generics and other health commodities. The business is driven by a tightly-controlled supply chain that reduces mark-ups and allows entrepreneurs to sell high-quality products at a lower cost than currently available in rural areas and still retain a margin on each sale. Entrepreneurs use low-cost smartphones to manage their business and reordering, provide access to telemedicine services to their customers with a focus on screening and treatment, and give Healthy Entrepreneurs, its funders, and governments real-time visibility to the flow of information, services, and products in rural areas.
Funding & Key Investors
Dutch Good Growth Fund, Philips Foundation, Dutch Postcode Lottery, Grand Challenges, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Madiro, Bayer Foundation

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