Last updated: 17 June, 2021
Company Overview
Geographies Kenya
Core Service Areas Telemedicine
Founder(s) Nick Pearson
Founded 2010
Core Offerings
Jacaranda strives to be a global innovation laboratory for women’s maternity care by operating a peri-urban maternity center and support services, including but not limited to, an artificial intelligence (AI) driven online platform for maternity care called PROMPTS. PROMPTS is a 3-tiered SMS chat system for pregnant women with information pushes, virtual assessments, AI or nurse-led triaging (where queries are sent to an AI-enabled call centre help desk, or nurse who responds by text or voice call for urgent issues), and online assessments. PROMPTs nurses can help direct patients to appropriate health care providers when required. PROMPTS offers prenatal, post-natal, immunization, breast feeding, and early services on contraceptives.
Funding & Key Investors
Grand Challenges Canada: Saving Lives at Birth, DRK Foundation, Packard Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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