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Ponea Health
Last updated: 23 June, 2021
Company Overview
Geographies Kenya
Core Service Areas Telemedicine-paired D2C Distribution
Founder(s) Michael Macharia, Akshay Shah
Founded 2020
Core Offerings
Ponea Health is a one-stop digital healthcare platform that offers solutions for various providers (e.g., laboratories, pharmacies, clinics) to serve end users. Services offered on the platform include appointment booking for physical clinics, telemedicine consultations, at-home lab testing, and the delivery of pharmaceutical products. End users can purchase both OTC and prescription products on the platform. Users can also compare prices among several pharmacies and select the option that works best for them. Ponea Health’s goal is to develop a seamless referral journey for its users and enable them to access all services (e.g., teleconsultations, lab services, product delivery) on the same platform.
Funding & Key Investors
Not disclosed
Companies with similar business models:

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