Last updated: 7 May, 2021
  • Mixed Gender Founders
Company Overview
Geographies Kenya, Nigeria, United States
Core Service Areas Digital/ Product Distribution
Founder(s) Adebayo Alonge, Amy Kao, Wei Liu
Founded 2016
Core Offerings
RxAll delivers batch quality-certified drugs to hospitals, pharmacies, and patients using their digital ordering platform. The company offers four main services: an on-demand delivery service (RxDelivered), quality-checking nano -scanners (RxScanners), inventory management, and POS software for wholesalers (MarketPlace) and credit financing. Hand-held drug quality nano scanners address the limitations of mass authentication equipment and can detect the degradation of drug quality anywhere along the distribution pathway. 
Funding & Key Investors
Katapult Accelerator, Founders Factory Africa, SOSV’s HAX, Launch Africa Ventures, and KSK Fund.

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