Last updated: 29 January, 2024
Company Overview
Geographies India, Kenya, Nigeria, United States
Core Service Areas Product Intelligence
Founder(s) Ashifi Gogo
Founded 2009
Core Offerings
Sproxil offers several B2B services to the food and beverage, agrichemical, automotive, and pharmaceutical sectors, including smart labels for serialization, which can be paired with track and trace services for manufacturers, and consumer engagement campaigns that offer rewards to users for specific products when they authenticate their purchase. Its offerings also include augmented reality service that enables high-quality advice on product use as well as retailer and wholesaler loyalty programs that bolster manufacturers' business intelligence by allowing improvement of geographic targeting of marketing and provider-support services, improving detailed data on retail volumes and more.
Funding & Key Investors
Acumen Fund, USAID, Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF)

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