Last updated: 17 June, 2021
Company Overview
Geographies Global, Kenya, Uganda
Core Service Areas Digital Counselling
Founder(s) Louis Dorval, David McAfee, Mark Boots
Founded 2012
Core Offerings
Viamo helps donors, development agencies, NGOs, and global initiatives such as PEPFAR scale their impact by developing mobile technology products for feature phones in order to reach the majority of people within countries of operations. Products are offered via interactive voice-based response, SMS, chatbot, and an Android application. These channels can be used to share information with users or collect information from end-users based on the clients’ needs. Viamo has a variety of products including a free hotline service available in 18 countries that users can leverage to access information on health, agriculture, and financial services. Viamo has projects in multiple development sectors and 40% of projects are in the health sector.
Funding & Key Investors

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